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Saskatchewan Heart Centre - Reliable service delivery

Reliable service delivery

While there are a number of research and treatment centres devoted to particular diseases and/or areas of medical interest, there is no such centre in Saskatchewan devoted to the prevention, treatment and detection of heart disease. An innovative service delivery centre is now under consideration, with the aim of delivering high quality, cost-effective health care services to the population of the province.

The long-term goals of the service delivery program are to help improve survival rates for persons with suspected or confirmed cardiac conditions; enhance the quality of life of persons with cardiac conditions; and reduce the incidence of re­admission to hospital. These goals fully support the "wellness" approach to health care now utilized in the province of Saskatchewan.

The mandate of this service delivery program is to organize and deliver cardiac health services utilizing an integrated, continuous, evidence-based philosophy of care. A collaborative approach between cardiac specialists and a wide range of allied health care providers will be employed. Through this integration of care, it is possible to ensure cost-effective delivery of a wide range of essential services. In effect, this will provide "one-stop shopping" for the cardiac health care consumer.

The Centre will bring together the services of internists, nurses, dieticians, pharmacists, health educators, geriatric specialists, psychologists and others to create a unified, multidisciplinary team dedicated to the provision of the highest standards of cardiac health services built on evidence-based medicine. The pooling of resources and personnel makes it possible to create a seamless, patient-centred cardiac health system that successfully integrates all aspects of care: health promotion/disease prevention, emergency care, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and follow up.

The Centre will coordinate the effective delivery of cardiac health services, initially within the city of Saskatoon. In-patient care will continue to be provided at local hospitals, with cardiologists monitoring the care and treatment of patients with suspected or confirmed heart problems. The project will provide for both the vertical integration of cardiac care programs and services, as well as the horizontal integration of cardiac health services offered in hospitals and in the community.

State-of-the-art clinic based research

Research to be conducted under the direction of the Saskatchewan Heart Centre will focus on various aspects of the cause, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Pre-clinical basic research will contribute to an improved understanding of the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases, while molecular cardiology research will contribute to the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic options for cardiac disease. Clinical cardiology research will help validate and promote the application of basic research findings.

Saskatchewan Heart Centre - Research

Program goals and objectives


Saskatchewan Heart Centre goals

Our goal is to enhance the survival rates and quality of life for persons living with cardiac disease. Reduce the incidence of re-admission to hospitals for persons living with cardiac disease. SHC will also support the effective reform of health care services in Saskatchewan through the development of an integrated, multidisciplinary cardiac health care service delivery model.


Outpatient care and education program objectives

The Saskatchewan Heart Centre service delivery programs mainly targeted towards management of two cardiac disease states, namely, coronary artery disease (secondary prevention) and cardiac failure. These two diseases constitute 90% of cardiology practice. Facilitating improved communication and data sharing through a central database will enhance the timely and cost-efficient assessment and diagnosis of persons with suspected cardiac health conditions.


Research objectives

  • Develop a coordinated, multidisciplinary cardiovascular research team.
  • Promote excellence in basic, molecular and clinical cardiology research.
  • Promote excellence in basic, molecular and clinical cardiology research.
  • Promote Saskatchewan as a site for national and international cardiac research conferences.
Saskatchewan Heart Centre - Benefits

Benefits for the people of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan

Persons with confirmed or suspected cardiac health problems with be provided with better access to appropriate health care services, regardless of where they live in Saskatchewan.

It will be easier for all people - regardless of age, sex or income - to access the full range of cardiac health care services they require.

Patient care will be improved through the establishment of an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to cardiac health care.

Waiting lists for cardiac consultation and health care beds will be reduced as patient services are provided in the community and as patients learn how to better maintain/improve their health status.

Containment of overall health care costs can be achieved through the more efficient use of existing resources (beds, lab tests, medical personnel, time).

Data will be available to facilitate evaluation of the effectiveness of patient care, drug therapy and response to treatment.

Cardiologists and other health care providers will have better access to the resources required to provide patient care (up-to-date research findings, comprehensive patient data and evidence-based treatment protocols as well as the opportunity to easily access the services of other health care providers).

Jobs will be created and other economic benefits will be realized in the operation of a state-of-the-art research facility.

Future generations will benefit from research now being conducted to discover ways to prevent cardiovascular disease.

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