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Sask Heart Center - Dr. Ruben Rajakumar

A commitment to the people of Saskatchewan - Our Founder.

Dr. Ruben Rajakumar has been a medical practitioner since 1971. A graduate of University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. He did his post graduate training in clinical Hematology/Oncology and primary care in the United Kingdom in 1980. Dr. Rajakumar together with his wife Gwen, family physician moved to Canada and practiced in Ile la la Crosse and Watrus both of which are remote and rural locations in Saskatchewan. After completing residency training in internal medicine and sub-specialty fellowship in cardiology at the University of Saskatchewan, his family relocated in 1991 to Saskatoon. He holds certification in family medicine, internal medicine and cardiology.

Dr. Rajakumar is a fellow of several prestigious domestic and international associations and held memberships in the University of Saskatchewan college of Medicine and Dentistry, the University Council's International Activities Committee and is a founding member of the Canadian Heart Failure Network . Founder, President/CEO, Saskatchewan Heart Center Inc. Founder, Global Partners for Development and Human Needs.

Dr. Rajakumar represented Canada on the cardiovascular medicine and surgery delegation to China, Vietnam, Cambodia from the United States . Addressed the standing committee on health care at the Saskatchewan legislative assembly regarding the need for a heart failure clinic and a center of excellence for cardia care in Saskatchewan similar to the cancer care delivery model in all Canadian provinces.

Dr. Rajakumar pioneered use of stress Echocardiography for the assessment of coronary artery disease in Canada. Pursuant with his approach to molecular and regenerative medicine, he spent his sabbatical year in 2001 working with the pioneering team involved with Gene therapy for inoperable coronary artery disease at St. Michael's Hospital, University of Toronto.

Currently he is promoting health care innovations to provincial, federal governments, academic institutions and Indigenous leaders to improve northern and rural health services in Saskatchewan and Ontario.

On global scale Dr. Rajakumar is passionately concerned about the social determinants of health, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability. He is interested in promoting Higher Education, Health Care delivery, Agriculture, Environmental sustainability and Economic growth of Saskatchewan.

Serve & Inspire

We understand that despair and suffering are primarily the result of focusing on oneself rather than others. We believe that through serving & inspiring others to be their best, we will achieve our best.

Health First

We believe in personal health above all else. Only when one is healthy can they optimally serve those around them. We believe in promoting physical, mental, and spiritual health in order to experience a higher quality of life.

Seek Growth

We believe that becoming is better than being and that fulfillment is a direct result of becoming better. We value growth and progress over current circumstances, and use learning as our key unit of daily measure.

Saskatchewan Heart Center - Our Core Values.

Our goal is to cultivate and create an environment where we can empower individuals to begin their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Below are 3 core values that we live and breath by! 

Sask Heart Centre - Cardiac Care in Saskatchewan

Cardiac care in Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Heart Centre will provide integrated cardiac health care, including cutting-edge research, outpatient health care delivery services and health promotion/education programs - in effect, a "one-stop shopping centre" approach to cardiac health care. In-patient care will continue to be provided at local hospitals, with additional services provided in the community setting and in the home. As well, a number of initiatives, including the use of telemedicine, will be undertaken to support community-based cardiac health services in centres outside Saskatoon.

The Centre will provide a unique opportunity for researchers and front-line health care providers to work together in the quest for improved cardiac care. The Centre will offer both the physical facilities and the critical mass of medical researchers necessary to carryout cutting edge research in the area of cardiovascular disease.

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